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Textus receptus

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Textus Receptus (Latin: "received text") is the name given to the succession of printed Greek texts of the New Testament. The term Textus Receptus may also. Answer: The Textus Receptus (Latin for “Received Text”) is a Greek New Testament that provided the textual base for the vernacular translations of the. Textus Receptus Bibles is a Bible study website with historical information on the Textus Receptus and the Bible translations. It has all the Bibles in an Interlinear.

Some today urge that the King James Version of the Bible is the very best available, because it was based upon the "Textus Receptus" Greek text. Though . Contents: Introduction * The Origin of the Textus Receptus * The History of the Textus Receptus * The Text of the Textus Receptus * Addendum I: The King. Let us begin with the short answer: the Textus Receptus, or Received Text, is a First, the name itself: textus receptus is a Latin phrase that can be translated as.

The Textus Receptus is the text that has been used for 2, years by Christians. This is also the text that agrees with more than 95% of the Bible Manuscripts in. Textus Receptus: a publisher's self-proclaimed statement that became a dogmatic title. Though Erasmus' text was not as consistent with the original texts as was. The Textus Receptus was not a handwritten Greek manuscript but rather an early printed text of the New Testament. It was first published by Erasmus in


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